Interview with Forth Wanderers

Q. How did you guys meet? Can you tell us in detail your story behind you forming the band?

We all went to highschool in a town called Montclair (in North New Jersey). The 4 boys had been friends for a while and played music together often, I am 2 years younger and was singing and writing songs on my own. They were in search for a singer/songwriter, and they reached out to me after hearing my solo stuff. Ben had sent me what is now “Sip Neigh”; I wrote the lyrics and sung them and sent him a recording of it. That was the first song we ever wrote and from there we became Forth Wanderers. 

Q. What meaning and feeling are put into your band name? Please tell us the origin of your band name and your experience or experiences when you decided the name.

I honestly don’t think there is much meaning to our band name. We were throwing ideas and words back and forth and looking different things up on google. One of the boys (I can’t remember who right now) found something named Forth Wanderers and thought it was fitting. 

Q. Your music is simply beautiful and includes impressive sound layers. Your band consists of five members and you have beautifully weaved sounds without relying on the number of members. At the same time, all 5 members produce spreads of sounds. Please let us know your attraction of playing music with your 5 members.

Each and every one of us has our own little style. Even though Ben writes the guitar parts, Duke and Noah always add a bit of their own personality into it. Zach-seeing as he studies and loves Jazz- adds a interesting/unique component to our music. 

Q. What meaning and feeling are put into the album title, “Forth Wanderers”?

I think we were just proud and excited to release this album after it for so long, and having it be self titled seemed most appropriate. 

Q. We felt your sounds in this album includes sentiment and strong-willed feelings, beautiful glitter and hidden passion. Your album is so beautiful and it captures our hearts. Was there anything you were particular about when creating this album?

Thank you for those kind words! I didn’t go into this album knowing what I would essentially be writing about. However, I was going through a tough time dealing with different relationships and my sense of self, and I think most people can hear that within the songs. 

Q. We heard that you and your guitarist, Ben Guterl create music together like exchanging letters. We think one of reasons you create music this way is the distance of where you both live. Why did you continue to create music like this and let us know if there are other reasons for doing this? Also, please tell us your positive aspects and challenging aspects of this music creating process. 

Yes, this is true. Ben and I, even when we both lived in Montclair wrote songs like this. I think it was initially because we were both too shy to actually get together and bounce ideas off of each other (we didn’t know each other at the time), and writing alone has always been my style. It’s really hard for me to write lyrics and melodies in front of people- partially because I feel i wouldn’t write as genuinely and personally as I might alone. The only significant challenge I can think of is just that we are both so busy because of college and work. 

Q. We heard this album was recorded in just five days at Cameron Konner’s home studio, who is your producer and a friend of your band. Please share with us, your recording experience or experiences in detail.

Yes, Cameron Konner is a super talented audio engineer and one of our greatest friends! We were stoked he was up for recording/mixing us. We only had a certain amount of time in which everyone was home to record- hence why it was done in 5 days. For example, Zach didn’t even know some of the songs yet and winged it on the ride over. My experience recording with Cameron was awesome. He was extremely easy going and fun to work with. 

Q. It seems that the lyrics are written based on your real experiences. Why do you write in that way? How do you think of the lyrics while listening to the music?

Most of my lyrics- if not real experiences, relate to real experiences I have had. I write this way because it comes most naturally to me. I want to be my truest self, and allow people to hear me and hopefully resonate with what i’m saying/trying to convey. When I first hear Ben’s guitar parts, I play it repeatedly and start singing random words, trying to get a vibe of the song and how I am going to express myself. I sing whatever I am feeling, and it usually just comes together in the end. It’s very therapeutic. 

Q. We heard that the art work and some MVs in this album are created by Ben Guterl. Did he study design ever? Are there any concepts regarding the art work and MVs?

From Ben himself: I studied studio art at oberlin. I did a little bit of design but mostly have just practiced from doing posters and t shirts for Forth Wanderers. The past two years I’ve been working on cel animations for different music projects. I used the time in my senior studio course to make 2 short animated loops (Not For Me and Nevermine) and 1 full length animated video (Ages Ago) for the 3 singles we released. 

Q. We are interested to know what the music scene is like around your area. Also, please let us know if there are any artists you admire in the area?

I live in Brooklyn and there’s a great scene here for all types of music. There are some staple indie venues like “Baby’s All Right”, “Market Hotel”, and “Brooklyn Steel” where local bands (As well as non-local bands) play all the time. 

Q. Please tell us artists who have influenced your band in regards to Forth Wanderers’ musicality and what Forth Wanderers is as a band. Also, please tell us how they have influenced you in detail.

I’d say most people compare us to Built to Spill musically more than anyone else, and I can definitely hear that. Individually we all have different tastes in music and different influences. I mostly listen to stuff that is nothing like the music I make, i. e Future, Young Thug, SZA, and english r&b singer/rapper IAMDDB. 

Q. How would you like people to listen to this album?

on a long car ride, or alone at the beach :) 

Q. Please give a message to your fans, here in Japan.

Thank you so much for listening, it means the world to us that people so far away can enjoy and relate to our music!

Answer from Ava Trilling

【Forth Wanderers】

Credit: Julia Leiby

Ava Trilling- Vocals

Ben Guterl- Guitar

Zach Lorelli- Drums

Duke Greene- Guitar

Noah Schifrin- Bass

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