Interview with Partner

Q. How did you guys meet? Can you tell us in detail your story behind you forming the duo?

We met at our university dining hall. We quickly realized we had many of the same interests and that we both played guitar. We started jamming and played in other bands together for several years. Then the summer of 2014 we moved into a house together and started writing the first partner songs.

Q. Please tell us the origin of your group name, Partner and your experience or experiences when you decided the name.

We picked the name Partner because we felt it reflected the vibe we were going for with our songs. Its kind of a joking name because lots of people use the term romantically but we are musical partners.

Q. Out of all the recently released albums that are out, we were very excited to listen to your new album! Do you create the music together? How did you create and record all the songs?

Thank you! . We recorded the album at Candle Recording Studio in Toronto back in 2016. We always start with a concept. When we think of a good idea the hook usually comes to us first then we fill in the verses and decide on the structure, then teach it to the band. It is important to us to always start with a solid foundation and then add the layers.

Q. What meaning and feeling are put into the album title, “In Search Of Lost Time”?

We named our album after the work of the same name by Marcel Proust. A lot of our songs reflect on the passing of time and feelings of nostalgia so it seemed very fitting. We decided on the name years before we finished the album.

Q. Your songs in this album have many impressive guitar solo parts. We’re interested to know why you mainly use the guitar for your solo.

Thanks again! We both love the guitar and we are very very indepted to classic rock. It has always seemed natural to us to punctuate songs with a guitar solo. It makes the song exciting and its a way to express beyond words. We dont currently know how to solo on other instruments but maybe some day we will have other types of solos too.

Q. Your vocal harmonies are so beautiful and it catches our hearts. Your voices are very similar like twins. We heard you are co-frontman in your group. How do you decide on your parts?

Thank you! We do often feel like twins. Usually we either decide based on which lyrics make sense for which personality, or Josee tends to sing the higher parts because she can sing higher. Sometimes we divide the verses and each write and sing our own.

Q. With your two voices combined together in your songs, it makes us feel like we’re flying in the air and it feels good. We think your vocal harmonies are very unique and impressive. How do you create your vocal harmonies? Are there any artists who inspire or inspired you?

Thanks! We are often compared vocally to the Breeders and Veruca Salt. We are inapired by that 90s style of vocal harmony for sure. We used to listen to a lot of 90s music and it definitely influenced our harmonies.

Q.Your singing style changes depending on your songs, and we are surprised by your rich expressions, for example, a song can be soulful, pleasant, emotional and so on…. Did you intentionally change your singing style according to each song? How do you decide your singing style?

The singing style comes from the heart! It comes out quite naturally and we just sing the way we feel the song should sound, which depends on the subject matter and the style of the song.

Q. This whole album is like listening to a radio. We think it’s so interesting and unique. Did you have any particular concept regarding how you made this album and why you decided to create an album like this?

Thank you. When we created the album we knew we wanted it to be fun and joyous and truthful. All the songs came from our hearts and we just wanted to share our truth with the world and have fun doing it.

Q. The transition between all your songs is extremely smooth. We enjoyed this album like a whole story. Nowadays, in a world where we are able to download just one song from the entire album, we felt in this case, that your album was meant to be appreciated as one whole work. Were you particular about the order of the song? Did you think of the listener’s perspective while creating this album?

Thank you! We were very particular about the order. We knew the songs had to be in a certain order to make sense and tell the story that was meant to be told. We wanted our album to be an entire experience for anyone who wanted to listen to it.

Q. Please tell us artists who have influenced your group in regards to Partner’s musicality and what Partner is as a duo. Also, please tell us how they have influenced you in detail.

We have been influenced by many many artists. Jimi Hendrix, Blink 182, Ween, Hole, Avril Lavigne, Metallica, Celine Dion, etc etc. Some of those inspired us when we were young, some have an attitude or a sound that we find inspiring, and they all speak their truth which is our favourite thing.

Q. How would you like people to listen to this album?

We would like them to listen to it however they can. They can buy the vinyl or cd, stream it, or borrow it from a friend. We appreciate every listener!

Q. We’re looking forward to your next project! Please let us know if you have something coming up in the near future!

Thanks! We are planning on recording an EP sometime soon and we will keep you posted.

Q. Please give a message to your fans, here in Japan.

Hello fans in Japan! Thank you for listening. Hope we get to come play for you soon!

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Josée Caron and Lucy Niles.

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