Interview with Fever Blush

Q. How did you guys meet? Can you detail your story behind you forming the band?

We initially met because we were all involved in the Nashville DIY scene individually. We all played in different bands and would play shows together at the local spots. We formed Fever Blush knowing we were all like minded in being very song-centered, meaning we had a similar understanding of the importance of the song and value strong songwriting over any other aspect of being in a band. When we first started, we wrote together for like 30 hours over the course of a few days and completed our first few songs. Some of those we don’t play anymore, some of which we revisited and rewrote, some of which remain almost exactly the same as the day we wrote them over two years ago. - Chase

Q. Please tell us the Origin of your band name Fever Blush, and your experience or experiences when you decided the name.

We performed under a few different names until we settled on Fever Blush. Lean was the name we had prior, and we had to change it because we found out there was another band using that same name. We knew we had to change our name before we could release the EP “Remember, Forget,” and we decided on Fever Blush pretty quickly. - Jenna

Q. Your music includes beautiful noise and it’s dreamy at the same time. Do you create all music together? How did you create and record your songs?

We’ve written every song together so far. One of us usually comes to band practice with an instrumentation idea like a chord progression or a lead guitar line, and then we work off of that all together at the same time. I usually try to figure out vocal melodies while everyone else is playing. We play around with noise while writing and a lot while we are recording. These songs we recorded in two places. Some of it was done in a studio called 4115, and Chase recorded a lot of it at his house where we wrote the songs originally. - Jenna

Q. All the songs in this EP are changeable and it shows a lot of expressions. Jenna’s vocals are sweet and subtle which is fascinating, and we think the vocals, the backing vocals, and the music itself are a perfect balance! How do you create your vocals and all your harmonies? Is there anything you are particular about when creating your wonderful harmonies?

Jenna and I work really hard on the melodies and lyrics. Usually, it’s us digging deep into her ideas to shape and form them into what best serves the song itself. I love doing harmonies and it’s a pleasure being able to support Jenna vocally. Our voices both compliment the other’s very well, which makes writing much easier in that way. We like the girl/boy dynamic vocally, but we always try to avoid sounding like it’s a duet. That’s a blurry line sometimes, so we spend lots of time on vocals when writing and recording in order to land on the perfect melodies, harmonies, and lyrics. -Chase

Q. What meaning and feeling are put into the title, “Remember, Forget”?

After writing both of the songs we felt like they were both coming from the same narrator but at different points in a relationship. One scenario we imagined was that “Forget” was about the point in a rocky relationship where someone has the upper-hand, and the two people have trouble committing to each other but at the same time, have trouble letting go. “Remember” would be how the narrator felt after moving on from the relationship, and how the other person realized they lost something they wanted back. - Jenna

Q. Your song, “Remember” is bright and catchy. It makes us feel like we’re in a dream and it’s a good feeling, but we also feel a little sadness as well. Did you have any particular concept when creating this song?

The lyrics are retrospective and create a scenario that at one point didn’t seem possible for either of the characters. The music like the lead guitar line, definitely inspired that dreamy feeling and the lyrics. - Jenna

Q. Your song, “Forget” stirs up our emotion and is impressively an emotional song. Did you have any particular concept regarding this song?

The music is really heavy and it felt natural singing and writing emotionally over it. - Jenna

Q. We think the contrast of the sounds of “Remember” and “Forget” is wonderful in the same way, that there is of the meanings of these two words, “Remember” and “Forget”. Please tell us why you decided to record these two songs for this EP.

After writing the two songs we decided to name them “Remember” and “Forget” because they felt like they came from the same narrator about the same relationship just at different stages. - Jenna

Q. In the Japanese released version, this EP includes your acoustic song. It seems that you perform acoustically as well sometimes. Is there a difference between your usual performance and your acoustic performance? What are you particular about when you perform?

We love performing acoustic. Our setup is a little different for our acoustic sets. Matt plays his Vox 12 string acoustic and I play my Gibson J45. Jenna focuses solely on singing and Logan plays keys, mostly Moog bass sounds. So no drums, no electric guitars, no reverb or effects. - Chase

Q. Your demo song, “Blooming” is beautifully loud and dark. It’s an impressive song, which has different moods compared to your other songs. How did you create this song?

This is one of the first songs we wrote when we were just starting the band. The process was very similar to the way we still write, but we were still figuring out our sound. We loved playing as loud as we could when we first started. - Jenna

Q. Jenna is also a member of another band, called Daddy Issues. Could you share with us the joys and positive aspects as well as the challenging aspects of being in two bands.

It gets really challenging when it comes to touring and playing shows because I can’t be in two places at once, but I want to be! I like the two different experiences I’ve had and will continue to have with both bands. Even though it feels stressful sometimes, I feel very lucky to be able to play with both bands. - Jenna

Q. Please tell us artists who have influenced your band in regards to Fever Blush’s musicality and what Fever Blush is as a band. Also please tell us how they have influenced you in detail.

We all are influenced individually by many different bands and artists, but a few common threads between all four of us are Oasis, Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, Ride, and Wolf Alice. I think we probably listen to Sugar Ray the most on tour though!

When writing the initial ideas for the EP, I started writing just on my laptop doing demos with drum machines and lots of synths which comes from my love of bands like Astrobrite, The Dream Eaters (FKA: Jake & Elizabeth), and Venera 4. That all of course changed when we all started digging into the ideas together. - Chase

Q. We are happy you released your EP this time in Japan. How did you feel about releasing your EP in Japan?

We are so happy to have a physical copy of our record available in Japan! It really is an honor that we don’t take lightly. The acoustic song “Brick” was recorded specifically for the Japan release and both of the bonus tracks are unavailable everywhere but Japan. We are very thankful for the kindness of the wonderful people at 2670 Records. They made this release go so smoothly and were accommodating and helpful throughout the whole process. -Chase

I feel really fortunate to be able to work with 2670 Records as much as I have. They are real genuine music lovers. - Jenna

Q. How would you like people to listen to this EP?

Loud! - Jenna

Q. We can’t wait for your next record release! Do you have any future plans regarding your next record? What kind of record are you hoping to create?

Yes! We are super excited about 2018. We have plans to release new music this year, which will be announced on our Insta/Twitter/Facebook! - Jenna

Q. Please give a message to your fans here in Japan.

Hello! Thank you for supporting our dreams! - Jenna

Love from Fever Blush xo

【Fever Blush】

Jenna - Guitar/Vocals

Logan - Bass

Matt - Guitar

Chase - Drums/Vocals 

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